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Colby Bucci, MSCPT

Oral Facial Pain Therapist, Vestibular Rehab

Colby received his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. His passion for physiotherapy comes from a lifestyle of sports and fitness and a desire to help people eliminate pain.

Colby is certified in vestibular rehabilitation allowing him to accurately diagnose and successfully treat patients dealing with dizziness and vertigo. He is also equipped with certifications in acupuncture and BoneFit osteoporosis management through Osteoporosis Canada. 

Colby works closely with Dr. Lisser in the treatment and rehabilitation of jaw and facial pain.

His belief in a whole system treatment approach, consisting of manual therapy, modalities, lifestyle advice, and exercise prescription ensures that those coming through his door are leaving with the assurance and motivation needed to achieve their personal goals.


Colby is excited to work with you in hopes to treat, prevent, and maintain a healthy pain free life.

The Jaw & Facial Pain Centre is a subdivision of The Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance. This multidisciplinary clinic is home to the rest of our health care team. Follow the link to learn more or call now at (416) 972-6279.

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