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DR. Angham Abdelaziz

Dentist, Craniofacial Pain
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Dr. Angham is a dentist who has completed the Advanced Program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Management of Chronic Craniofacial Pain. Dr. Abdelaziz is competent in providing comprehensive assessments, diagnosis, treatments, and management of orofacial pain disorders and is confident to direct interdisciplinary treatment planning with other healthcare professionals for the rehabilitation and prevention of the patient’s chronic orofacial pain.

Dr. Angham can also fit for mouth guards if your situation requires. Her detailed assessment will discover the root of your facial/dental pain.

The Jaw & Facial Pain Centre is a subdivision of The Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance. This multidisciplinary clinic is home to the rest of our health care team. Follow the link to learn more or call now at (416) 972-6279.

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